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Amazon Baby Registry Box review

Amazon Registry Gift Box

When I first thought about registering for this new baby I knew I’d register at Amazon. I used Amazon for my wedding registry and it was so nice to just have items shipped straight to our door. Amazon also has a huge selection so I knew everything I could ever dream of would be there.

Amazon Registry Gift Box review

I actually created my registry before I ever knew they sent out a gift box. You must be a Prime member and also have someone buy something for $10 before they’ll send you the box, but by the time I learned about this offer, those boxes were already checked!

I received my box in Amazon’s usual super fast shipping rate. I was really excited about it after reading the reviews.

What Was In The Box

When I first opened the box I thought it was very cute they put gift paper in there. That’s about as excited as I got. Mostly as I pulled things out I thought, ‘What the heck is this and how do I use it’.

Amazon Registry Gift Box review

Amazon claims this box is worth $35. Unless diaper wipes have seriously inflated in price since I registered at Target, my box was not worth $35.

Amazon Registry Gift Box review

I think the strangest thing about this box was the food items I received. The drink was ok but not really my thing. The little protein bar was pretty good but I’m not the biggest fan of dates (which was the main ingredient) so I didn’t finish it.

Amazon Registry Gift Box review

Probably the most useful thing I received was a little bag for one or two diapers and some wipes. So that’s nice.

Amazon Registry Gift Box review

The reviews I read mentioned receiving pacifiers and bottles. I did not get this lucky, unfortunately. I was a little bummed and did not see the $35 advertised. However, it was free! You can’t beat free. I also registered at Target and got a lot more useful coupons and items in that bag!

Amazon Registry Gift Box review

Where have you registered? Did you get a better Amazon registry box than I did?

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