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Making your own chapstick is really simple and you can adjust the recipe to be as soft as you like it! I also tinted mine which worked really well.

DIY Tinted Chapstick

Chapstick is one of those things that you just always buy not even thinking about the fact that you could make your own exactly how you like it! We are so picky around our house about chapstick. It’s too greasy, not greasy enough, doesn’t smell quite right, isn’t tinted exactly how I like, the list …

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I track quite a few things on Amazon and have saved so much money.

What I’ve Saved Using CamelCamel

After writing my first post about CamelCamel (or Camel Camel Camel, or CCC, or Camelizer… I’m going to call it CamelCamel for simplicity sake here!), I have had so many questions and inquiries. I wanted to create a post showing you exactly what I’ve used CamelCamel to track and let you know the possible money …

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This is such a cool statement necklace that you can make over night! I love the way this turned out.

DIY Borax Necklace

This DIY could serve a lot of purposes. Maybe you want to just want to use it as an idea for a science fair project. It’s that cool! I created this necklace out of nothing but Borax, a chain, metal wire, and a pipe cleaner. It is really simple but has such a cool expensive …

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DIY Monogrammed Wine Glass

I love creating DIYs that are beautiful and don’t look homemade, but most importantly are practical! Glassware is one of my favorite home decor items because it is functional and so easily customized! This may just become your favorite thing in your kitchen.

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