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February 2017: Saturday Stuff

I have realized I never talk about myself! My posts are tips or tutorials and that’s about it. Sure, occasionally I’ll mention a little something about myself here and there, but I think it’s important for me to share some things about me so you can all feel comfortable sharing some things with me about you!

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I’m going to start this new series called ‘Saturday Stuff’ where once a month I just share some of my favorite things of the month. This is my way of starting a conversation with you. I hope if you like something too you’ll share it with me in the comments!

First and foremost, if you know me, you know I love pretzels and bagels. Were you aware Einstein’s Bagels has a pretzel bagel?! You need this in your life.

I have now purchased six of these can cozies. I’m not exaggerating. I bought six. I promise you if you are a soda drinker like I am, you will not regret buying one (or six) of these. It keeps my drink cold for at least 3 hours.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen this cute video circulating around but I loved it. With everything going on now days, I love these cute pick me up stories.

Ok, this article is hilarious (there is a little language). My sister found it who-knows-where, but I laughed out loud at least 5 times. I will warn you it is slightly click-baity but it is too funny.

Did you know Amazon has sample boxes? I have bought 3 I’m going to review for you, but this one has been the one I’ve tried so far and I’m pretty impressed. It costs $10 but you get $10 of credit towards sports nutrition products so it’s essentially free to try these if you’re looking to buy them anyway.

I went to a blog conference this weekend and I got to know some wonderful ladies. One of them was Michelle from The Sweet Molcajete. Her site is currently in spanish, but with a little google translate magic you can read her totally yummy recipes, or you can just look at her beautiful photographs of said recipes.

I have been watching a lot of Jimmy Fallon these last few weeks and I’m not sure why I love this song so much. I’ll warn you, you will have this stuck in your head for two days.

Do you like R&B? My current favorite artist right now is Gallant. (Thanks to my sissy for reminding me of this!) His new album is so pretty.

I am putting together a post about serums; I am so excited to share. Are there any specific questions you have about serums you’d like me to answer? I’m not usually into skin care products, but I have loved these serums (and may be doing a little giveaway soon!)

Is there something you’ve loved this month you want to share with me? I want to see it!

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