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7 gifts for men under $20

Gifts for Guys Under $20

I’m not sure what makes men so hard to shop for. Perhaps it’s just because I’m not a man and don’t understand why you would want a hex wrench. My husband helped me put together this list of gifts for guys for some things he would want, or really likes.

Just like my gifts for women, these are each under $20! You can’t beat that. 

7 gifts for guys under $20


1. Even if your guy isn’t big into gaming like mine, maybe he works at a desk all day. A cool mousepad like this one is always fun. You could even customize it with a personalized photo at Walgreens if you wanted!

2. Everyone can use a little portable bluetooth speaker. This one is pretty cool with how it lights up. Even if he already has one, I could honestly use one in each room. I know my husband could probably use one in the bathroom to sing along to music in the shower. Who wouldn’t love that?

3. These are similar sunglasses to the ones I put on the women’s gifts post, but they’re a little more gender neutral!

4. This phone case looks almost as nice as not having a case at all. (Does anyone else hate putting a phone case on a nicely designed iPhone?) I think this is stylish and simple. 

5. My husband doesn’t love getting dressed up, but I have brothers that love cuff links. If your guy has a lot of suit wearing occasions, perhaps a cool pair of cuff links could be a good option. These gear cuff links are pretty freaking cool if you ask me. 

6. I had this on the women’s post as well but a portable battery is nice for everyone! This one is really powerful and doesn’t need to be charged after every use. It has up to 3 full phone charges in it. 

7. My guy is my personal Ikea furniture assembler. He’s not a hardcore handy man, but he does do odd jobs around the house and told me he could use a portable set of these little hex wrenches. He has a full tool set but it’s kind of a pain to get out for one little odd job!

Do you have any other grand ideas for guy’s gifts? I seriously struggle! Hopefully this helped you if you struggle too.

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