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Copper Foil tape canister DIY

Gold Detail Kitchen Canister DIY

Why do you need a canister in your house? I have no idea. Maybe for a place to stash flour or perhaps pasta. I needed one for straws.

I have a darling friend who is putting together a baby shower for me and I knew I needed a ‘Thank You’ gift perfect for her for all the work she’s putting into celebrating this baby. We recently took a trip to Ikea and spent most of the trip on the hunt for smoothie straws. This was something I did not know existed, but they are her favorite. Long story short, I went to Ikea recently and found them and knew it would be a perfect way to say “thank you”. 

But I’m not just going to give her a bag of straws. How lame would that be? I hunted for a while looking for long skinny containers. Then it dawned on me that a pasta container would be perfect. The pasta containers I found were pretty boring (to be expected I suppose). I wanted to make it something she would want to reuse. Copper foil tape to the rescue!

What you Need

All you need for this easy DIY is copper foil tape and your chosen canister.

Copper Foil tape canister DIY


I first started by measuring the exact length I needed.

Copper Foil tape canister DIY

Fold over a small portion of the backing so you can line up the tape. I suggest using the edge you cut as your starting point so the straight edge will be the one showing.

Copper Foil tape canister DIY

Simply roll the tape around the canister. My advice: If you just push your fingers along the tape it is much easier than trying to take the backing off and lining it up.

Copper Foil tape canister DIY

That’s it! I love rose gold (or copper) and I knew it would make this simple plastic canister a little more fancy. I hope she loves it as much as I love her!

Total Cost:
  • $9 canister
  • $9 foil tape
  • Total: $18

The good news is you will have a ton of tape left over for more fun DIYs! If you need inspiration or another way to use it, stay tuned. I will definitely use it again. I didn’t find anything just like this to compare it to but I’d say this canister set is pretty comparable in style. If you got the full Oggi set and did this with each one, you’d probably save 50%!

This is a super simple DIY that will make any kitchen canister worthy of your counter.

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