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These are simple tips every iPhone user should know!

iPhone Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

I work on my phone all day.My job is testing mobile applications and assuring the user experience runs smoothly. I am almost always on my iPhone. Because of this, I have developed habits using features that a lot of people didn’t even know existed! My promise to you is that when you start using these tricks, you’ll think, ‘How did I live without this?’

These are simple tips every iPhone user should know!
Pull Down to Search

I don’t know about you but I have so many apps on my phone! The apps I don’t use regularly get hard to find sometimes. I use this feature so much, even the apps I use regularly are hard for me to find sometimes.

While you’re on the home screen, simply swipe down. This will pull up a search with a keyboard for you to type the name of your app, and you will be able to open things much faster. You can also use this to find your contacts easier. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time sifting through contacts sometimes. The search feature makes it much easier.

These are simple tips every iPhone user should know!

Double tap to bring content down

This is the number 1 thing people watch me do on my phone and say “What the heck did you just do?” So let me explain.

If you double tap your home button (not push, just tap), the content of any screen or application will shift down to the bottom portion of the screen. I do not have dainty little hands, and I don’t have the largest iPhone, but I still have to do this to access things in most apps with one hand! I have no idea how people with the larger screen access the top half of their phone without two hands if they’re not using this!

These are simple tips every iPhone user should know!

Text Replacement

Do you have something that you type all the time? I have a few things. My email, my home address, my website url, the list goes on and on. My email requires ‘.’ and ‘@’ which requires me to bounce back and forth between keyboards. It gets really old.

If you navigate to Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement you can enter phrases that will populate with a shortcut you set. This will make filling out forms and responding to message so much faster! Maybe you ask your spouse ‘Where are you?’ so much that you just want to hit ‘888’ and it will type it out for you. There are a lot of uses for this little feature.

You'll wonder what you did your whole life without these iPhone features!

Finding storage issues

Before I got my 128gb iPhone I was constantly fighting the battle of ‘Storage Full’ messages. You have all sorts of apps caching information and storing data on your phone. You might be very surprised to learn which of these apps are doing this and decide you don’t need them anymore, or could do without the cached information.

Navigate to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. You will see a list in descending order of what apps are taking up the most space on your phone. Some might be obvious. For me, Photos and Messages are almost always the top of the list. But I have found that some apps you wouldn’t think are taking up much space (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) are actually using quite a bit. If you want to eradicate the issues, delete the app from your phone and install it again. You will need to log back into your accounts because it will have forgotten your information, but it’s worth it when it’s over 1 gb of storage! (That’s a lot when you only have 16gb.)

You'll wonder what you did your whole life without these iPhone features!

Another little hidden storage sucker is your ‘Deleted Photos’ album. When you delete photos, they stay in this album for 30 days to make sure you actually want them deleted.

You'll wonder what you did your whole life without these iPhone features!

I hope one or two of these things is something you hadn’t heard of before and can make your iPhone user experience a little better!

Shop Some of My Favorite iPhone Accessories

This marbled case will always be one of my favorites.

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Do you have any must have accessories that make your life easier? Please let me know!

These are simple tips every iPhone user should know!

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