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Natural nursery design inspiration

Nature Themed Nursery Ideas

I’m currently pregnant with my first little one. I thought a nesting urge would kick in at some point, but we’re 32 weeks in and I’d still rather shop for a new MacBook. I’ve been feeling very guilty about it, wondering “wait am I ready to be a parent to a child I don’t want to design a perfectly little chevron walled nursery for?!” The truth of the matter is I strongly dislike color, pattern and prints. Call me boring; I can take it.

After browsing Pinterest for nursery ideas I realized my options were either “gray and cream” theme or “colorful patterns” theme. None of these are bad. In fact I thought they were just fine, but could not envision myself ever doing either of these things. White on white doesn’t work so well with a black cat around. Also, if you ever see me paint a wall a bold color, that will be an indication I’ve lost my mind completely.

The plan

I have always loved plants. So why not a nature themed nursery? I couldn’t find much along these lines in terms of inspiration so I decided to just go with it and see what happens.

Natural nursery plan and inspiration

Tree | Curtains | Plants | Glider | Crib | Decal | Dresser

My inspiration

My husband and I went to El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico for our anniversary. I thought it would be fun to print a photo from this trip. The look of large canvas prints with photos that bring back memories of hiking in perfect weather is something I really dig. I think it will be a nice touch of color and life. This is the photo I finally settled on as inspiration.

nursery image
A few more beautiful ideas

I have found a few other beautiful nurseries that I thought were also pretty inspiring here, here and here.

Is it hard for you to get excited about nursery decor too? What do you think of this nature themed nursery idea?

Total Cost:

If all goes as intended the cost will be as follows:

  • $60 canvas print
  • $150 crib
  • $120 glider
  • $250 dresser
  • $30 decal
  • $60 foliage

Total: $700

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