This is such a simple DIY but will save you SO much money!

DIY Full Length Dowel Mirror

This dowel mirror was inspired by one I saw online. When I saw the price, my jaw dropped! I recreated it for a fraction of the price and I’m so excited to share it with you! It is really simple and only requires a few things. Read more

Guilt free spending tips

Steps to Spending Money Without Guilt

Are you kind of a child and love shiny new things? I hope I’m not alone in this. There is not as much that gets me as excited as a brand new MacBook or the newest iPhone. The problem is, my practical self knows it’s not necessary. I used to either avoid buying new things all together, or literally mourn my money and feel guilty to the point that I didn’t enjoy my new things. Maybe you do this too with little shopping sprees, home decor or even Christmas gifts (at least I do!) Read more

Step by step on how to create these delicious smelling bath bombs without them breaking, sagging or just falling apart!

Lavender Mint Bath Bomb Recipe (from Someone Who Failed 5 Times)

Are you wondering what the title of this post means? I wanted to make these bath bombs for a few months now and tried every recipe I could find. After I tried every method they described I still failed miserably every time. However, like we all do, I learned from each failed attempt and figured out a bath bomb recipe to make them form correctly without sagging, crumbling or splitting in half.  Read more

This is a super simple DIY TV tray.

DIY TV Tray with Plywood

I’m so stoked to be sharing this DIY with you today because I did it as a part of a challenge! This was my first challenge ever and I had so much fun. My family has a beautiful dining area, but it’s currently a craft area right now. Also let’s be honest, we’ve never eaten a meal on that table. We routinely sit on the floor and eat off the coffee table in the living room. I would prefer to not eat in the living room at all, but the fact is it’s my house and I can do what I want 😂. That’s why I decided to do a DIY TV tray so we could at least have something designated to eat on! Read more

These are the simplest ways to save money on Amazon. Shopping smarter is easy!

Amazon Money Saving Tips

It’s no secret I’m an Amazon fan. Our Prime membership pays for itself in one month. The days I don’t have a package show up are rare. I just love the convenience and variety of Amazon! Plus, the prices are usually (but not always!) better than in the store. I put together a few of my favorite tricks to saving money on Amazon and shopping smarter.

Read more