If you waited until the very last minute, we have some ideas for you!

Last Minute Mother’s Day DIY Ideas

A friend of mine asked if I would find some quick last-minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day so I started hunting. It turns out I have about 12 ideas I’ve already shared that would be perfect Mother’s Day gifts and also take less than 15 minutes! You have one week! So let’s get started. Read more

Faux Floral Up-cycle (for Mom!)

Every mom has something at their house that you look at when you go home and think ‘throw that away mom’. I think my mom has 23 of these things laying around her house. She is remodeling her basement and I told her it was time for her ugly potted pansies to hit the trash can. Then I realized there is no sense in throw away perfectly good planters; and I could give them a new life! Read more

Save money AND time by doing these three spa treatments on your own at home!ac

3 Spa Treatments to Do for Yourself at Home

Spa treatments can add up. Especially if you want to have them done routinely. Eyelash extensions every 3 weeks, waxing every four, nails every two. It’s just not practical to go out and get all these things done and even less practical to spend the money on them.  Read more

April: Saturday Stuff

This month was SO fun! So many beautiful and fun things happened it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few of my faves but I will try!

The main thing I want to share is that I went to Snap!! I have a few photos so I decided to make it a little slide show. I had such a wonderful time and have so many ideas of things I want to do and share with you!

I also went to the most gorgeous wedding. A close cousin of mine got married and I am not exaggerating when I tell you it was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to.

I bought a laminator and I thought ‘Oh I’ll just use this for blog stuff’. No. Every household should own a laminator. I have used it for so much stuff!! I have a fun 4th of July Post that requires a laminator so I feel like that’s a good enough reason to get one. 🙂

Cents of Style is having a sale on these super cute graphic tees. I am going to buy the on that says ‘Be Strong’ and I thought you may be interested in one too!

This was by far my favorite video of April. I’ll leave you will this! See you in May <3

This DIY resin tray is such a pretty way to keep your jewelry or other trinkets.

DIY Resin Tray with Pressed Eucalyptus 

Have you ever used resin? I brainstormed and researched to come up with something I could make out of resin. I already made coasters (I loved this so much I might make coasters too because you can’t have too many coasters). Then it came to me that I always need a little catch all tray. So, I put together a little resin tray. Read more