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How I Save Money Online With Honey

Let me introduce you to a little chrome plugin called ‘Honey’. The local UPS guy makes a stop at our house at least every other day. I work a full time job and enjoy things like napping and not getting off the couch when I get home. Sometimes running errands after work just does not sound fun. Enter Amazon (and H&M, Forever 21, ASOS, Old Navy…)

The Plugin

Are you the type of person to fill up your cart then immediately google ‘H&M coupon’ so you don’t have to pay full price? If you don’t, you should. There is almost always some sort of coupon hanging around. I usually find 15 and try 4 then give up. Just me? Well let me tell you about the best Chrome plugin to ever exist. (May be a slight over exaggeration.)

Honey is a plugin that will find all relevant coupon codes to the website you’re on. With your OK, Honey runs through each applicable code to see if any of them will work for the items in your cart.

How to download honey

To download Honey simply go here (must be using the Chrome web-browser) and click ‘Get Honey’. A small popup should appear where you can click ‘Add Extention’. You might be prompted to restart your browser and create an account, then you’re ready to go!

When you navigate to your first shopping cart, a popup will appear like the one below. Simply click ‘Find Savings!’.Steps to Save money online with Honey

Now you wait. This will only take maybe 30 seconds or so depending on how many codes it finds.

Steps to Save money online with Honey

If a code applies, (and I hope at least one does!) you will get a pop up telling you how much you saved. Honey finds me a coupon probably 80% of the time. You can’t beat those odds. I have even been able to use this on websites I would have never thought to look for coupon codes for. (Like the bus tour company I used to book tickets with this week in New York!)

Steps to Save money online with Honey

I’ve saved so much money using this super easy little trick. I hope you do too!

If you're not using this internet plugin you are missing out on some serious savings!

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  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve always looked for coupons the way you originally did. I’m definitely using this! Thanks for the tip. I shared your post with my girls and daughter-in-law. There’s an app on my phone that I use for looking for the best prices for airline tickets. It’s called ‘Hopper’ and it tells you when to wait and when to book. I’ve used it twice now and found it pretty useful.

  2. Marie says:

    Thanks for sharing! I went and got the plugin now! I’d heard of it, but was skeptical if it worked, but I trust you so I’ll give it a shot! I look forward to more blog posts!!

    • Anna says:

      I’m so glad Marie! I promise I wouldn’t lead you astray 🙂 I will only share stuff I swear by and use. I hope you can find some sweet deals!

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