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Why you need to do a food tour

Why You Need to Do a Food Tour

I love traveling and getting to know a new place. However, my husband and I both have a limited amount of time off. So, as much as I’d love to just prance around the world, that’s not exactly how it works. My mom first took us on a food tour in San Diego. I was immediately convinced everyone who goes to a new city and doesn’t do a food tour is seriously missing out!

Why you need to book a food tour on your next vacation
  1. Especially if you have limited time, a food tour helps you learn the best of the best places in the city, and you get a sample of each of those places. Yelp is always good to tell you how the service is but you never really know where the locals are hanging out. A food tour guide will not only show you the restaurants where your tastings will be, but will point out other awesome stuff you should try if you’re spending more time in that city.Artichoke pizza on a food tour
  2. Most food tours are walking. This means the tour guide will take you on a little walk to and from each tasting. This is probably one of my favorite parts of food tours because you get to see the city with a local and observe things you might not normally notice. Oftentimes, the tour guide will give you a bit of history too. Beautiful sights of Greenwich Village on a food tour
  3. You will get to try new foods you didn’t even know existed. Are you ever scared to go to the local Indian restaurant because you’re not sure what exactly to order there? The tasting they give you on your tour will give you a sample of the best little dishes and snacks each restaurant is best known for. I have tried all sorts of food I would have never ordered for myself. It happens to be that restaurant’s ‘specialty’, so I got to try it!Indian food on a food tour in New York
  4. Not all food will be foreign. In fact I think my favorite tastings I’ve had were normal dishes I already love but made to perfection. Tastings like pizza and ice cream but with a fun spin have probably been my all time favorites.Macaron on a food tour in New York

As you can tell I’m a fan. I’m not much of a foody. I tend to order the cheapest thing on the menu before considering what I would actually enjoy. When you pay a set price and have someone else order your food for you, you’ll get the best and only the best. I know ‘tastings’ doesn’t sound very filling. However, I have yet to do a food tour where I don’t leave totally stuffed.

Have you been on a food tour? If you haven’t, I hope you’ll consider it!

One of the best ways to see a new and even familiar place, is through the food! You need to do a food tour on your next vacation. Here's why.

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