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These are the simplest ways to save money on Amazon. Shopping smarter is easy!

Amazon Money Saving Tips

It’s no secret I’m an Amazon fan. Our Prime membership pays for itself in one month. The days I don’t have a package show up are rare. I just love the convenience and variety of Amazon! Plus, the prices are usually (but not always!) better than in the store. I put together a few of my favorite tricks to saving money on Amazon and shopping smarter.


I wrote a full post about it here, but this plugin is so nice. Amazon’s prices fluctuate so frequently, it’s good to know if you’re about to get a deal or get ripped off. Plus, if the price is at a peak and you want to wait it out, you can set yourself a reminder. Now can someone convince camelcamelcamel to change their name? It’s a mouthful.

Warehouse deals

If you’re ok purchasing an open box product, you can save a lot of money with warehouse deals. Several baby toys and baby products are listed in the warehouse and can save you a lot of money.

See how I do that by watching this video here.


I’ve also already written about this plugin, but I never really told you how it works with Amazon! Amazon always lists the Prime product initially. So when you add it to your cart that’s what you’re getting. Most of the time this is the best price, but not always. Honey will let you know if there is a less expensive alternative.

See how Honey is integrated with Amazon here

Know the market

Of course any informed shopper will do their research, but I have fallen into the trap of Amazon’s convenience. I have learned name brand beauty products and grocery items are more expensive on Amazon. There are some exceptions, but I mostly use Amazon to read reviews for these items then go to Walmart or Target to actually buy them.

Follow a deal site

This is a dangerous one, but it has saved me money! And resulted in stuff I didn’t need… but deal sites can help identify coupons that aren’t explicitly advertised for Amazon. My favorite is Kinja Deals. I just follow them on twitter and if a deal pops up I snag it. Or, if I’m not ready to buy it quite yet, I save it for later and set a camelcamelcamel alert to let me know when it drops to that price again. Kinja Deals is where I found these can cozies I can’t live without. They hover around $10 but I only buy them when they dip to around $8!

Are there any tricks you use to save money on Amazon? I would love to hear them!

These are the simplest ways to save money on Amazon. Shopping smarter is easy!

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