The Best Small Businesses for Baby Products

I am a big believer in pursuing your passion. Too many people go through life miserable. I have always been so inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit! People who start businesses from the ground up take such huge leaps of faith. I believe it is so important to support these brands. Not only do these brands make quality baby products, but you know when you buy their products, you’re supporting someone’s passion.

I reached out to a few of my all time favorite small business baby brands to put together a post to inform you of exactly what they have to offer. Part of the problem with small businesses is you don’t know what they have to offer! These ideas are seriously genius; and I’m not sure how we ever lived without them before!


It is so important to support small businesses so I put together this round up of a couple of my favorite baby brands!

Heidi at Spitties4Kiddies makes these darling minkle blankets. Our little guy is named Leo and so I thought the lion would be perfect. She even personalized this little guy for me.

The hands are tied so the baby can easily play (and suck!) on them all day. The detailing of the little animal face is pretty dang amazing. Heidi makes every animal you could imagine from foxes to hippos, you will definitely find your favorite animal! Right now if you order before the end of March you can get free shipping using the code FREESHIPPING. This expires the 31st and she created it just for my readers so if you have a baby shower coming up or have a baby you know would love this, grab one soon! You can personalize yours just like I did with mine too!

Heidi is a mom of 8 (!!) and started this business when her family needed a little more financial help. She started by making spit up rags and then came up with the minkle idea later on. Read more about her story here.


It is so important to support small businesses so I put together this round up of a couple of my favorite baby brands!

When I saw TinyBitz growing kit my first thought was, ‘Why has no one thought of this?’ It is the perfect gift. They sell these kits so you receive three different sizes for your little one. It’s not just that they’re different sizes but you can specify when the baby was born and get the correct onsies for the season! I had a winter baby so I ordered the winter kit which means I got a long sleeve onesie for 3-6 months, short sleeves for 6-12, and long sleeves for 12-18. These aren’t just normal onesies either, they are incredible quality.

TinyBitz was started by two aunts, Sera and Petina, who wanted to buy the perfect gifts for their nieces! You can definitely show their background in fashion because these are darling onesies. Read more about TinyBitz here.


It is so important to support small businesses so I put together this round up of a couple of my favorite baby brands!

LOL Baby has some of the cutest little onesies ever. I chose this “Happy Camper” one because my little guy is so smiley. I also think this monster onesie is darling!

This company was developed through a hive mind of women. Sabrina built the social media base bit by bit, Lillian and Holly were constantly bringing in newer and funnier sayings, and Wanda made them all come to life in the art department! It was a lot of trial and error but they finally got some quick selling designs, they got better at focusing in on trending topics, and found more specialized ways to market their brand. Wanda and Sabrina have gotten their product into 3 local retailers! Sabrina said, ‘What we love about LOL Baby, is that we’re never done! Our goal is to be timely and ever growing. We are constantly adding new designs and are always on the prowl for ways to grow our brand!’
The Nested Bean

It is so important to support small businesses so I put together this round up of a couple of my favorite baby brands!

These swaddles are genius. I wish I had known about them before I had my baby so I could have taken advantage of them from the very beginning. The little bean on the front is slightly weighted and rests against the baby’s chest. There are also little weighted sections on the sides. These swaddles also last longer than normal swaddles because there is one pocket for when your baby is less than 23 inches and then the bigger section to keep him swaddled until he’s 30″ tall!

I will mention that these pictures aren’t showing exactly how you’re supposed to swaddle your little one! You are supposed to tuck the weighted portion in with the baby before wrapping him up. I wanted to show off how darling the little stitching and detailing was. Also you can see you can swaddle them with arms in or out! This is great because our little guy loves his arms out.

Manasi had a child who would only sleep if she was touching him. Talk about long nights! She put a Beanie Baby on him one night and he seemed to do well. That’s where this idea was born!


It is so important to support small businesses so I put together this round up of a couple of my favorite baby brands!

I saw these shoes at a conference and immediately fell in love. I had seen the moccasins before but I’d never seen this oxford design. They call them ‘moxfords’. How cute is that? Their catch phrase is “We design shoes that stay on baby’s feet.” These don’t quite fit on my baby’s feet quite yet but I am so excited for the day they do!

SweetNSwag has an amazing back story. Shannon had a friend who’s child died at 7 months. Trying to do anything she could to help with medical bills, Shannon made 250 bows in two days and started going door to door to sell them. She sold 150 and decided to try to sell the rest on Etsy. The rest is history and they now own a growing business of bows and these darling baby shoes!

Do you have a small business baby brand you love and support? I’d love to hear about it!

I received some product for free from a few of these companies. All opinions are 100% my own. Supporting the brands that help keep Practical and Pretty going is appreciated!


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