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Christmas Target Wishlist

By now I am certain you have heard of the new Hearth and Hand collection at Target. Chip and Joanna Gaines knocked it out of the park with this collection. I was expecting a very farmhouse-styled decor but there is definitely more than that! Even things for people like me!

I want to start by telling you these are all awesome gifts for any woman you know who owns a home for one simple reason; they’re a bit of a splurge. I couldn’t justify buying most of these things for myself but I would be more than happy to receive them as gifts!

Target is killing it this year on Christmas ideas!

This garland is so simple and seems very scandinavian to me. It is 12, ft so for a big 7.5 ft tree like mine you would probably need at least two!

I firmly believe no home can have too many blankets. The green on white with this is just too cute and if you’ve seen my living room, you’d know this was made for my house!

My sister texted me last night oogling over these gorgeous matte black and white ornaments with little cross detailing. These would be a very simple DIY but is a perfect example of “does the time it would take justify the cost savings?” I would say yes, but I also have a spraypainting addiction and so I couldn’t justify spending more than $1 on an ornament!

Ok, this wrapping paper has me dying. I have been searching and searching for classy black wrapping paper and this is too perfect. The paper with the little houses is also super darling for a pop of color.

I have a really cheap garland on my console table so this is giving me all the heart eyes. This looks so real!

This matte black cutlery is gorgeous. Is $20 for a 5 piece set of cutlery too much? Definitely yes. Unless you’re receiving it as a gift then I think I could justify it.

Of course if you have black utensils you need these gorgeous matte black measuring cups!

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