DIY Art Deco Inspired Planter

Every time I go to Home Depot or Lowes I want to buy a terra cotta planter because I feel like there is so much you can do with them. I found this cool plant and decided I’d give an Art Deco inspired DIY a try. I am always so inspired by Art Deco design and pattern.The geometry and lines are so cool. It’s fancy and timeless!


Simple terra cotta planter update with a huge impact. Any plant would look nice in a pot like this!
What you’ll need

Here is the list of what you need for this DIY:

I started by spray painting the pot black.

Copper art deco DIY planter

Art Deco Design

Then the fun part starts! Of course you can do any design you’d like, but I thought this would be pretty simple and easy. I was right. First I measured how long I wanted the first piece and at what angle I’d like to apply it. I cut each of the pieces that are the same length at the same time.

Copper art deco DIY planter

After I put them on at the angle I liked, I measured and cut the next two pieces.

Copper art deco DIY planter

Then I started measuring the horizontal pieces. I cut them at a slight angle so they’d blend in with the angle of the long pieces a little better.

Copper art deco DIY planter

Then you’re done!

Copper art deco DIY planter

I was so happy with how this turned out! I want to try all the Art Deco inspired DIYs now.

Copper art deco DIY planter

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