DIY Monogrammed Wine Glass

Upcycle any wine glasses and make them match whatever occasion you want them for! I just used mine for everyday use and I love how they turned out.

I love creating DIYs that are beautiful and don’t look homemade, but most importantly are practical! Glassware is one of my favorite home decor items because it is functional and so easily customized! This may just become your favorite thing in your kitchen.

I’m not much of a wine drinker (in fact I don’t drink at all), but I believe every home needs a set of beautiful wine glasses for special occasions (or dipping your cookies in milk. It is the best way to eat milk and cookies!) You can buy plain wine glasses from a local thrift store or they go on clearance all the time at Homegoods! That’s where I got mine.

I saw a monogrammed wine glass at an expensive home decor store and thought I would try to recreate the high end look using my plain glasses. These were super quick, really simple, and have a big impact.

What you need for your custom gold foiled wine glasses

  • Cricut (or other cutting machine)
  • Gold adhesive foil
  • Transfer tape
  • Wine Glasses

I picked a very thin font because that was the style I saw that I was trying to recreate! I created the file in Cricut design space for you here or you can easily recreate it by making 2” letters of your choice.


Next, you will cut out the letters on gold foil then and weed them using a picker.


Customize your boring old wine glasses with this simple tutorial. Thrift stores always have glasses like this waiting to be customized!

Then apply a small piece of transfer tape and cut out each letter so you can more easily apply each letter.


I used a scraper to make sure each piece was correctly placed before pulling off the transfer tape. This was especially important because the letters were so thin.

Once you remove your transfer tape, you are done! It is really so simple but I think it looks so sleek and pretty. Now you can dip your cookies with class (or drink out of them too I suppose!)


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