Easiest Light Fixture Update Ever

We recently moved into a brand new home. The thought of moving in and not having a project makes me so happy I could cry happy tears. Truthfully, we didn’t and don’t need to do anything to our home except make memories because it is practically perfect. However, like most millennial housewives, I found some things I thought would make it even more perfect. We didn’t even think about light fixtures aside from the ones in main rooms, so we ended up with a standard “boob” light fixture in the office, hallway and what will be the nursery.

Old light fixture that needs updating
There’s something about our office that just makes me hate it. I decided maybe a light fixture would make me feel slightly better about the lack of anything else I love in there. I searched and searched for a flush-mount light that I loved. Anything that really spoke to me was at least $100 dollars and I thought “well that’s just not practical.”

The miracle light fixture

Easiest light fixture update ever with a geometric fixture

I found my light fixture! We decided to go with a pendant. It didn’t occur to me this would work because I am a light fixture novice, but when I found this pendant I thought it was worth a shot. These are $40 each, so you know what I did? Bought 5 of course. Let me tell you that $200 was totally worth it to make me adore a whole side of my house. I’m so happy I updated the hall lights too. I had completely underestimated the difference it would make. Also, as I’m sure you can see, we opted for LED bulbs because I quite like white light over yellow, and those antique looking bulbs are a little above my light bulb budget. I am so pleased it didn’t change the look of the fixture. In fact, it made them more modern which matches our house more anyway!

Where we put the fixtures

Easiest light fixture update ever with a geometric fixture

We put one on a vaulted ceiling, one on an 8 foot ceiling, and the other three on about a 9.5 foot part of the ceiling. This fixture looks great in all three places.


Easiest light fixture update ever with a geometric fixture

Full disclosure: my husband installed them. But I assembled them which was so easy and fast. We had these delivered, unpacked, assembled and installed in 2 hours. The installation was very simple. My husband didn’t even use a tutorial because he has done ceiling fans before which are far more complicated than a simple light fixture. You can find a tutorial here.

Easiest light fixture update ever with a geometric fixture

If you hate these boob lights like I did, update them! It’s the easiest “project” I’ve ever done, and has one of the biggest impacts. And if you want this exact feature you can find it here.

Total Cost:
  • 5 $40 light fixtures
  • Total: $200

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