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7 gifts under 20 dollars for women

Gifts for Women Under $20

I have a lot of ladies in my life I love a lot. Although gifts aren’t always the best way to show how much you care about someone, I still think it means something to put a little thought into what I get people for Christmas and birthdays. I’ve assembled a few things I have purchased for myself and for others over the year that I thought might be good gifts for the ladies in your life.

7 gifts under $20 for women

As you also know, the price does matter, especially if you have a lot of women in your life you’re buying things for. I wouldn’t say these items are cheap, but they are more affordable than most people might assume!

7 gifts under $20 for women

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1. Every girl has jewelry just sitting on their counter or in their closet somewhere that they keep their regular items. This jewelry organizer is perfect for sitting on the counter or dresser.

2. Blush is the color this year. I am not normally into pink, but blush I can get behind. This watch would match pretty much every outfit and I like the simplicity of it a lot.

3. I have always loved when my friends get me a cute picture frame with a photo of us. I think this picture frame is pretty dang cute and if you feel so inspired to add a picture I’m sure it would look even cuter.

4. Everyone needs sunglasses. Whether they already own some they love or not, having a spare in the car or in a purse is always nice. I have these exact frames and have loved them. They don’t feel cheap and inexpensive either! 

5. People are pretty particular about their phone cases so I wouldn’t advise buying a phone case unless you know the person pretty well. However, I can personally attest to this one and tell you it’s simple but also solid quality.

6. Does the woman you know and love use her phone all day? Of course she does, everyone does. Having an external battery pack in your purse is necessary now days. This one is really powerful and doesn’t need to be charged after every use. It has up to 3 full phone charges in it. I took this on a trip this year and was so glad I had it and did not find myself without power even once!

7. I am totally in love with the simple gold bar trend. This is a foolproof gift in my opinion. Every girl I know loves a simple necklace that matches everything. 

I love gift giving and shopping for someone I know and love. I know not everyone enjoys the whole process (ahem.. Mother 🙂 ) Hopefully this will at least inspire a perfect gift for some girls in your life!

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