Last Minute Mother’s Day DIY Ideas

A friend of mine asked if I would find some quick last-minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day so I started hunting. It turns out I have about 12 ideas I’ve already shared that would be perfect Mother’s Day gifts and also take less than 15 minutes! You have one week! So let’s get started.


This water marbled phone case is so easy but so cute!

If your mom is like my mom she has a really ugly phone case! She just bought the cheapest one at the phone store, right? Why not make her the super simple yet customized phone case she will absolutely love!

Step by step on how to create these delicious smelling bath bombs without them breaking, sagging or just falling apart!

These bath bombs are really pretty simple if you read the directions carefully! If your mom loves her bath time she will definitely love the sweet smelling bath bombs!

These DIY fridge magnets are the perfect little gift for any mother in your life.

I created these magnets specifically for Mother’s Day Craft Lightning. That means that I designed them to take less than 15 minutes. All you need is adhesive magnet sheets and you can make this fun fridge magnets!

I upcycled these ugly faux plants for my mom for Mother's day and love how they turned out!

I just shared how I made over my moms little floral pots. If you stop in at a thrift store you will see several things like this that need a simple little make over and can’t look like 1 million bucks!

Copper art deco DIY planter

If you can’t tell I’m a plant lover! Maybe your mom is too? Find a beautiful plant and buy a simple terra-cotta planter and do this little makeover on it for a cool art deco inspired look.

These scented heated rice packs are great to have around your house or give as gifts and are not difficult to make at all!

This is one of my most popular projects to date and I totally understand why! If you have any scrap fabric hanging around make these scented heat packs for your mom. I promise she will love you (and them) forever!

These concrete coasters are so unique and customizable. They are a perfect little gift idea that take a little while to dry but a minimal of amount of time to create!

DIY Copper detail frame update. Super easy Ikea hack!

If you have any plain old frames laying around (or can make it to the dollar store) grab some copper tape and add a little fun detailing to a framed photo of you and your mom.

You can't go wrong with this orange rosemary bath salts recipe. The Himalayan sea salt gives it a nice beachy feel too.

These bath salts are super customizable to whatever scent your mom really loves. My mom really likes lavender but I’m more of a bergamot fan. These will take you less than two minutes to make; and I’m not exaggerating!

Sugar scrub gift idea with a free sticker printable

The friend who requested this post just made this sugar scrub for teacher appreciation (so smart!) and she says they loved them! This is a perfect and simple way to give your mom a handmade gift for her beauty routine.

Easy DIY! Marble and leather bookmark. So simple and fun.

If your mom is a book lover she may want a new set of bookmarks! I know I am always looking for a bookmark around my house. It doesn’t make sense to buy a bookmark when you could make one that looks this pretty at home!

If you didn’t find a project your mom would love hopefully it at least sparked some ideas! My mom’s birthday is around Mother’s Day weekend so I always love to go all out for her! I hope your mom has a happy Mother’s Day too!

If you waited until the very last minute, we have some ideas for you!

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