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March: Saturday Stuff

I love March! It’s my birthday month and the sun comes up a little earlier. Then Daylight Savings Time comes and ruins about a week of my life but at least it’s getting warmer. This month I feel like I’m sharing a ton of videos! But they’re worth it I promise.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Maskcara by now. Let me just add to the songs of praise. I look forward to doing my makeup now. What is wrong with me and who have I become? It’s so simple and looks gorgeous for such a minimal amount of effort. At the risk of looking totally foolish, I put this video together to show you exactly how wonderful it is. (No I don’t sell it. But I love Cara and her products and can hook you up with someone who does!) You’ll also notice I have my baby strapped to me this whole time. Seriously I can’t get over it. I love it that much.

This video made me laugh so hard. I think I’ve watched it 6 times. “Drugs don’t go away if you match the forest.” True words.

I heard these two perform this song on Jimmy Fallon and immediately fell in love. It’s so pretty. Aaaand I just realized this is Miley Cyrus’s little sister. What? I have so much to say about this music video.. but I’m just going to keep it to myself for right now.

Kitchen Aid just came out with a new mixer and I’m not even going to pretend it’s practical. But it sure is pretty. For $1000 I’d rather buy a lifetime of soft pretzels though. Check out the details here.

If you saw that Maskcara video and thought ‘Yeah I don’t wear that much makeup’, I get it. Before trying that makeup, I was just using this concealer on my undereyes and calling it good. Of course I prefer the look of the Maskcara contour but this is the best concealer I’ve used. If I’m in a rush or don’t feel like getting totally ready, I just use this and it makes me look awake. A true miracle.

I have been putting together some more desktop backgrounds to share with you all and kept thinking about how I needed to give a shoutout to Michelle Hickey at Elegance and Enchantment. She send out an email once a week about deals on vector graphics and fonts. I download at least one thing she suggests every week and have used a lot of them to put together this coming project! She has a great design sense and offers a variety of styles.

After a long hunt, I found my favorite protein shake. This Labrada Chocolate shake is so good and incredibly filling. At first I was scared of them being almost $3 each but I honestly only drink about half of one with some crackers for a quick meal and I’m full! Even half of one of these is 20 grams of protein.

Last but not least, my favorite dress is on sale for $18! Plus you get free shipping. I am just sad I can’t afford to get one in every color! See all the colors here and use code SPRINGSWING to get the long sleeve dress for $18 and the short sleeve for $22!

That’s all I’ve got for you this month. I’m really excited to see with this coming month holds. Make sure to check out February’s Saturday Stuff if you missed it!

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