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Guilt free spending tips

Steps to Spending Money Without Guilt

Are you kind of a child and love shiny new things? I hope I’m not alone in this. There is not as much that gets me as excited as a brand new MacBook or the newest iPhone. The problem is, my practical self knows it’s not necessary. I used to either avoid buying new things all together, or literally mourn my money and feel guilty to the point that I didn’t enjoy my new things. Maybe you do this too with little shopping sprees, home decor or even Christmas gifts (at least I do!)

Guilt free spending tips

So here are the steps I took to learn how to spend money and enjoy the items I purchased after the money was gone.

  1. Categorize your expenses.

    The first step to all good money habits is knowing exactly where your money is going. Don’t just say to yourself ‘I want to spend x amount this month’. Be specific. Set aside x amount for every aspect of your life. For example, at my house we have categories for hobbies, restaurants, gifts, emergency savings and each have our own ‘allowances’. We have 38 different categories!

  2. Save monthly.

    If you follow step 1 and create a specific category for the new toy(s) you want, it’s a lot easier to save $50 for a year than spend $600 out of a category simply titled ‘Savings’ when the time comes. I promise!

  3. Do Research

    If you’re really considering an expensive gift or item that’s expensive, it will ease your mind if you know you’re going to get a decent price. I always make sure to look for coupons or maybe even refurbished versions of electronics to save a little money. It helps me know I didn’t just impulsively buy the item but genuinely considered it.

  4. Spend the money you saved.

    If you have done 1 and 2 the correct way, this step will be your favorite. Not only do you have money now to spend it on what you want, but you can’t talk yourself out of buying those things because you’ll have other savings for emergencies.

Guilt free spending tips

Spending money is a necessary evil and you deserve to reward yourself every now and then! Is there anything you’ve had your eye on that you don’t feel is necessary? Go out there and get it; you’re worth it!

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