Tips for Family Photos That You Won’t Regret

Use these simple and intuitive ideas to make sure your family photos are ones you will cherish forever and not regret spending money on!!
Do you ever look at family photos after you’ve invested time and money and thought ‘There’s something about these I did not envision’? You get your photos back and you are just kinda bummed. This is the worst feeling! You know it’s not the photographer (well maybe) but there is just something you had in your head that didn’t end up in your reality.

This has happened to me so many times. Say you look at another couple’s engagements and think ‘I’ll do something like that!’ Then, your engagements… didn’t look like that. (My engagements were actually perfect! I have them printed as large as I possibly could, but you know, as an example. Don’t worry I’ll give you all a sample.)

I have had my share of disappointments with family photos. If you have time to prepare for photos (especially if you’re paying for them) hopefully a few of these tips will help you get photos you won’t regret!

I put together a few simple ways to make sure you don't have any regrets when you see your family photos!

1. Plan your outfits!

Notice I did not say ‘buy everyone the same shirt!’ Planning outfits to coordinate nicely will make a world of difference for your photos. Don’t just pick clothes out in your head, really lay them out and look at them. If I had done this, it would have really solved a lot of my problems when I saw the end result.

I laid out our outfits all together to see if the teal on Ryan’s would clash or blend with my green. I also wanted to see if the black of Leo’s outfit would get lost or fade into the background. We wanted him to be the focal point after all!

Before you get your next family photos taken you will want to read these tips so you don't regret them later on!

Also lay out your shoes. Truthfully, I do this to avoid marital conflicts. If I didn’t do this my husband would show up in flip flops or something (he doesn’t own flip flops but you get the point.) Seeing our shoes perfectly laid out just made me so happy! They coordinated perfectly and I knew it wouldn’t be something I would regret later.

Before you get your next family photos taken you will want to read these tips so you don't regret them later on!

Leo’s sweet little shoes are from Freshly Picked. I am telling you if you have a little one, these are the best shoes out there hands down. Not only are they completely practical right now, but these are going to stand the test of time. Leo’s grandchildren will probably be able to wear those things! They have every style you could possibly imagine. If you’re more traditional they have these oxfords or if you prefer a boho look they have so many moccasins. I can not WAIT to show you the one’s I got for his jungle themed birthday party!

They have an insane Black Friday sale going on right now that  you have to go check out! Just because we’re talking about it, here are the exact shoes Leo is wearing. I may also have purchased these, these and these. (Why not, they’re on sale right?!) Their Black Friday sale ends TONIGHT. So do not miss out.

Photo by Loved Up Light Photography

2. Find a photographer with a style you love

If you follow some famous photographer and love their aesthetic, then hire a local inexpensive photographer with the hopes they can deliver the other artist’s style, you will be disappointed. Always scroll through the photographer’s portfolio and find things you would love in your photos. Photographers are artists. I truly believe that. They have a style and aesthetic they love and just because you hire them, doesn’t mean they will randomly change their look to fit your needs! Your photos will resemble what they have done in the past, so pick someone who’s work you adore.

Photo by Loved Up Light Photography

3. Show your photographer work of her own that you love

When you find that photographer who you really fall in love with, go through her instagram feed or email her a few of her own photos that you absolutely love. This will not only show her you are invested but also really help her. A lot of times photographers are left guessing what their clients want and just hoping and praying they love it. I believe most photographers appreciate some direction from you!

Photo by Loved Up Light Photography

4. Don’t put on your outfit until right before you go to take your pictures!

Sure in hindsight this one makes sense. Don’t put your baby in his darling romper the morning of the photoshoot or wear those cute shoes out all day in risk of getting them dirty before you head to take your pictures! This will save you I promise. I have certain photos where I can see a drink spilled right on the front of my shirt. Some of my very favorite photos were ruined because I had dirt all over my shoes from wearing them all day! Don’t get ready until you are heading out!

Before you get your next family photos taken you will want to read these tips so you don't regret them later on!

5. Wear clothes you actually wear

Notice how much of this is about what you’re wearing? Nothing will make you hate a photo of your family more than not recognizing the family in the pictures. It is so important to feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing! Don’t just buy clothes for specific photos. If you happen to find something you love that would coordinate, then sure buy it! I never wear dresses. I’m just a leggings girl. I wanted to look nice in my family photos but a dress just didn’t seem genuine to me at this stage in my life. I found a cute tunic that went well with everything else going on and knew I could still wear my leggings. When I look at these photos I recognize the mom in the leggings!

I have to tell you for these photos I am extremely lucky to have a photographer who is invested in having them turn out how I wanted them! Some people really want the direction of the photographer and don’t want to make any decisions, but Tayona was the perfect balance of making sure we didn’t make choices we would regret, and also getting it exactly how I envisioned.

Before you get your next family photos taken you will want to read these tips so you don't regret them later on!

I am so madly in love with these family photo which is why I put together this post. Because I feel like I finally cracked the code in how to get pictures I am obsessed with and want to print and keep forever!!

I received free product from Freshly Picked as part of this post. All opinions are 100% my own!

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