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I track quite a few things on Amazon and have saved so much money.

What I’ve Saved Using CamelCamel

After writing my first post about CamelCamel (or Camel Camel Camel, or CCC, or Camelizer… I’m going to call it CamelCamel for simplicity sake here!), I have had so many questions and inquiries. I wanted to create a post showing you exactly what I’ve used CamelCamel to track and let you know the possible money savings I’ve had since using it.

Of course there is no way of knowing exactly how much I have saved. The sole fact that I put off purchasing things waiting for the price to drop helps me save money because I realize I may not actually need said things. LifeHacker named it the most popular price tracking tool and I believe it is the most popular for good reason.

What I’ve tracked using CamelCamel
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Arguably the best feature of CamelCamel is tracking price drops. This article shows the best way to track price drops using the plugin. After reading this article I felt like it is the best summary of how to track each price drop and will save you time if you read it before trying it out!

I finally gave in and purchased a Roomba! I am so glad I waited because when I first looked, it was over $350. I got it at $240!

I bought my husband this weight set that is super cool. I wanted something that didn’t take up a bunch of space but still had enough weight that as he got stronger, it would still work for him. When we first looked, it was $299. We ended up spending $180. I’m so glad we ended up tracking it.

I posted about this super simple light fixture update we did and when we first looked these were $45. We (mostly me) were being really indecisive and I’m happy it worked out that way because we ended up getting them for $35!

Business insider named it one of two websites to check before buying anything on Amazon. That’s a good reason to get downloading! I wholeheartedly agree that it is a must have tool for any Amazon addict!

This roundup of 6 money saving reasons you need camelcamel is spot on. It features each of the reasons why this plugin is a must for shopping on Amazon. One feature I have learned about since reading this article is that you can synchronize a wishlist! I use wishlists all the time with Amazon and think this would be a great way to monitor gifts for Christmas.

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