Quick Coworker Gift Idea (for Less than $4)

I am due to have a baby as I’m writing this post! Literally today. I went back and forth on whether or not to get my coworkers a gift or not. I knew I would be missing the work Christmas party and wanted to do something to let them know I appreciate them and what they do for me. So, I decided to come up with something (very) last minute that I think any coworker would be happy to receive. 

Quick and easy coworker gift idea. For less than $4!

What’s in the Coworker Gift

I work in the tech industry and so my coworkers are almost all men. I don’t really know what men like but I do know they ate the bowl of chocolate from Halloween in half a week. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

I also decided a mug was a super easy way to give them candy, and if they don’t really care for the mug, it didn’t cost me a ton of money and it’s easy to donate or just keep around the office! These mugs I found at target are actually a lot nicer than I was expecting them to be for the price. I thought I would write their names on them, then realized if they don’t really care for a mug, they couldn’t regift it as easily. (Hey, I’m all about regifting if you don’t love something. Why keep stuff around you won’t use?! Like the Christmas Candle. “The gift of having the gift to giveaway.” Not sure why I think that’s so funny!)

Quick and easy coworker gift idea. For less than $4!

I have a few coffee drinking coworkers but none of them drink it daily so I figured I’d give them a little bag of hot chocolate to use their mug if they so desire.

I decided to keep the packaging simple, like the gift. Also I had no time to order more of my favorite little gift boxes anyway!

Quick and easy coworker gift idea. For less than $4!

Perhaps it wasn’t the most thoughtful of all gifts in the world, but I would love a mug of chocolate so thought they might too.

Total Cost
  • Mugs: $24
  • Bags of candy: $17
  • Hot Chocolate Packets: $4
  • Total Cost: $45 for 12 gifts

That means each gift was about $3.75. That’s not too bad for waiting till the very last minute!

Quick and easy coworker gift idea. For less than $4!


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