Free ‘It Is Your Birthday’ Banner from The Office

I created this It Is Your Birthday Banner for you to use at your party! Just print it off using 8.5×11” paper and tape it together.

Over 10,000 downloads and counting. This is the banner you were looking for, for free! Don’t miss the video about how to throw it together as well.

By popular demand I ALSO have a free ‘IT IS YOUR BABY SHOWER’ banner as well as a free ‘IT IS YOUR BRIDAL SHOWER’ banner. Forms for those can be found below!

I love throwing parties so don’t miss all my parties on this page! This is part of my office party series!

This banner is already divided by page. What you will do is open the link and it will send you a PDF. Click print and make sure you have at least 6 pages loaded. Make sure you keep them in order! I like to line them up on the ground and tape them as they are all laid out as opposed to one by one.

Use this printable however you’d like! I’d love to see photos of how you used it too. Tag me on Instagram if you use it!

it is your birthday banner
Yield: 1 banner

It Is Your Birthday Banner

We created this It is Your Birthday Banner for you to use at your party! Just print it off using 8.5×11” paper and tape it together.


  • Banner printable (form in post)


  • Scotch Tape
  • Printer


  1. Print off the file on regular letter sized paper
  2. Fold over the mall bit on the right side of the paper and tape to the following page. (Video below)

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What episode is it is your birthday?

Season 5 Episode 16 (and 17). The title of the episode is “Lecture Circuit”. Jim and Dwight are put in charge of Kelly’s birthday (Kelley?) and hilariousness ensues.

What does Dwight say about birthdays?

Schrute’s don’t celebrate birthdays, idiot. It started as depression-era practicality and then, moved on to an awesome tradition that I look forward to every year!”

What is Michael Scott’s Birthday?

Well, Eva Longoria’s birthday is March 15th and Michael shares her birthday!


The font used in this banner and my other two Office-inspired banners is Arial Bold. A certifiable classic.

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Here are some office food-themed memes for placeholders.

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it is your birthday banner

2 thoughts on “Free ‘It Is Your Birthday’ Banner from The Office

  1. Greetings! Thank you for making this free! Is there anyway you would make this for “It is your bridal shower” banner and send it to me?

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