Free Favorite Things Party Printable Invitations and Party Games!

Favorite things parties are one of my favorite things. Here is an invite and game printable for you! I also share some ideas for a favorite things party plus 20+ gift ideas if you’re stumped on what to get for your gift exchange.

 I have hosted quite a few favorite things parties now. It is something I do every Christmas and sometimes summer. I have done it a few ways and will share those below. I will share my absolute favorite way to host the party and have included those directions for your attendees in the invite printable. 

How to Throw a Favorite Things Party

Here are a few ideas to use. Depending on your budget, you may want to choose one over the other.

  1. My favorite way to host these parties is to have around 6 people attending. Each person buys 5 of the same gift. You can choose the value! $20 per gift is what I have found as my sweet spot meaning you would spend about $100. This way of hosting the party is really great because everyone gets the same gifts. I’ll share some cons of only bringing and receiving one gift below. When I have done this party I have found it’s fun to wrap the gifts. Each person takes turns explaining their gift as the others unwrap the gift at the same time.
  2. If you have a lot of people, a way to host the party is have everyone draw 3 numbers. Each person goes around the circle and explains their favorite thing. The people who drew the number assigned to that person receive the gift. When we did it this way and the way below we had someone keep notes of what was given and sent it out to the group so that afterward people remembered what everyone else’s favorite thing is/was.
  3. A way to host a party for a TON of people is to bring one of your favorite thing and draw one number per person. I have found this doesn’t always work out well. I’ve had some people clearly disappointed in a gift they received. Not everyone goes all in as others. It was.. extremely awkward!

Listen, each person has their own preference but as someone who has done this so many times, that first way is by far the most fun. Keep it small and the value decently high and, for a group of moms who rarely get gifts, it feels like Christmas. 

Another thing that is so fun about this is that everyone gets to try the thing. I create a facebook group usually before the party to answer questions such as clothing sizes, scent aversions, etc. After the party is over people always get on and share how much they love their gifts as they try them out. It really is one of the highlights of Christmas for me and we always plan a Summer one too. (It rarely happens but hey the intentions are good.)

How to throw a favorite things party

Favorite Things Game Ideas

  1. Below you will find a printable for my favorite game to play. Before the party, collect each person’s favorite thing in the category. I did chapstick, color, animal, beverage, and chapstick. I tried to keep it gender-neutral because I once played it with my family of both women and men. The last party I did was all women and most of them did their favorite lipstick.  I set out each thing and then put a number next to them. (Those are included in the free printable!) Then I had a sheet of numbers for each category. (Also in the free printables!) You guess the name of the person associated with the number next to their favorite item. For favorite animal, I have printed off a picture of the animal. I have also bought little figurines of each animal.
  2. A fun way to open gifts while playing a game is to open the gift then everyone needs to guess who it is. If you know each other well this can be fun. Sometimes the gifts are so obvious and sometimes they’ll surprise you!

I am always up for new ideas so if you have some you’ve tried please share them below for me and others reading through the comments! Pin this post so you can find it again if you’re still deciding whether or not to throw the party. (But you really should just do it because it is the best party ever.)

Favorite things parties are one of my favorite things. I made up an invite and game printable for you! I also share some ideas for a favorite things party.
Favorite things parties are one of my favorite things. I made up an invite and game printable for you! I also share some ideas for a favorite things party.

FREE Favorite Things Party Invitation Template

I know every party has its own unique aspects involved so I made an editable favorite things party invitation Canva template! Head to this link here to edit and customize your very own favorite things party invitation.


20+ Favorite Things Party Gift Ideas

I have broken up some ideas below based on your budget.


  • Vick’s Shower Tablets – These little things are perfect through the winter months when it seems like you’ve got a cold every other week! We love these things at my house.
  • Stacked accessory tray – This very cute little accessory tray is a perfect way to keep your vanity organized.
  • Couples Questions game – This doesn’t just apply to couples but is a good little set of conversation starters.
  • Portable Charger – Every bag and backpack needs a backup portable battery!
  • Owala water bottle – These waterbottles are the best! It’s like a straw and a spout in one.
  • Shower speaker – I love my Bluetooth shower speaker. It’s one of those things people probably wouldn’t buy for themselves but would love to have around!
  • Electric Kettle – Tea, coffee, or Perk energy, people love their hot drinks. An electric kettle is an inexpensive kitchen appliance that is super handy!
  • Lip mask – Hear me out, this little lip balm is expensive for a lip balm, but it’s not expensive for what it is. It’s the best overnight lip mask ever. I’ve tried the knockoffs, but they are not the same. Plus this canister will last you years.


  • Mini waffle/pancake maker – These seem to be a crowd hit. A friend of mine brought this with a pack of her favorite waffle mix. We use it all the time!
  • Your favorite book – If there’s a crowd of people you know may enjoy your reading style, bringing your favorite book is a fun way to share a little about yourself and spread the love of reading.
  • Favorite pair of sunglasses – This idea could also go under the $10 gift option if your favorite sunglasses are a little less expensive.
  • Cozy Throw Blanket – In my opinion, you can never have too many throw blankets.
  • Self Care Cards – 52 days of stress relief ideas.
  • Little dainty earrings – A pair of simple earrings is a go to for most women so getting a nice quality pair of huggies is always a fun gift idea.
  • Nice cutting board – every house needs a cutting board but it’s not always a very fun thing to splurge on yourself.
  • Silicone baking mats – These allegedly make your cookies perfect, plus you don’t have to use Pam!
  • Your favorite lipstick or eye shadow pallet – If your attendees will mostly be women, it’s fun to play around with makeup sometimes! Also, a lot of people don’t usually buy things out of their comfort zone for themselves but with your suggestion they may be interested in trying something new.
  • Tile Tracker – everyone has something they lose twice a day right? Tile trackers are little Bluetooth trackers that will ring when you push a button on your phone so you can find your lost items.
  • Favorite board or card game – Some card games are a bit more expensive but Chameleon is one of my favorites and at the time of writing this is about $18!

Less than $10

  • Bath salts or bath bombs – This is a good universal idea but be warned, it’s a very common idea. So you may see other variations of this at the party.
  • Planter – Plants are one of my favorite things, so getting a cute little plant in a fun planter is a simple gift idea that most people would enjoy!
  • Cozy socks – Who doesn’t love nice, fluffy, cozy socks?
  • Candle – You can get candles for less than $10 pretty much anywhere now! If your budget is a bit more you can get a more quality candle.
  • Favorite drink or drink mix – This could be anything from your favorite protein powder to your go-to soda. Or maybe even just get a gift card to your favorite drink shop.
  • Claw hair clips – these clips are back in style now and work for a lot of different hairstyles and hair types.
  • Your favorite snack or treat – Maybe there is some random snack you love that a lot of people don’t know about. Bring a pack of your favorite snacks so everyone can discover their new favorite too.
  • Snowflake multitool – This says it’s for ‘men’ but let’s be honest, women also need screwdrivers. This is a handy little tool for anyone to have around.
  • Your favorite cleaning supplies – Cleaning is a bit more fun when you’re using good quality supplies and products. Bring your favorite soap or dish scrubber to share.
Wanna know some of my favorite things?

I love throwing parties. This Schitt’s Creek party is a fan favorite as is this Office Party. 

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