Lego Scavenger Hunt Printable

This free Lego scavenger hunt printable with 18 clues and a blank page of 6 is going to have all your lego fans giggling and having fun.

I love celebrating occasions like a Legoland birthday scavenger hunt with fun, themed parties. You may be interested in my Blippi party or my Minecraft party ideas!

For my husband’s birthday this year, we are heading to Legoland!! He has no idea so the plan is to send the family on a scavenger hunt that leads him to the car, fully packed and ready to hit the road.

lego treasure hunt

This free Lego scavenger hunt printable set includes a PDF of 18 ready-made clues, a sheet of 6 blank clues so you can make your own if you’d like, and a page that introduces the hunt and explains the final surprise is Legoland. Of course, you do not have to be going to Legoland to use the clues, you just probably wouldn’t need the final page!

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I had so much fun collaborating with my family to come up with some really funny and unique clues. Some of them still make me laugh when I see them.

legoland scavenger hunt

Lego Scavenger Hunt Clues

Here’s a list of the clues you’ll get in your printable!

  1. Scrub that head until it’s shiny. This is where I’d see your hiney. (Bath or shower)
  2. When I’m hungry I go there, but once I’m in I sit and stare. (Pantry)
  3. Inside me I’m nice and cold, wait a second, that milk is old. (Fridge)
  4. Bang bang, shoot shoot, if I don’t work then just reboot. (Computer)
  5. Don’t weep you Gorgeous Willow, this next clue is on a pillow. (Bed)
  6. You’re getting closer so don’t fret. This food isn’t for you it’s for your pet. (Pet bowl)
  7. This one is simple, don’t overthink it. Maybe it’s in your pants with a trinket. (Pant pocket)
  8. Dead fish flip and flop. In this room, we keep a mop. (Closet, pantry, or wherever you keep your mop!)
  9. You’ve been looking a long time let’s be real. But I’m near the cereal. (By your cereal)
  10. Hope I’m not being a nag but go look near a garbage bag. (Under the kitchen sink or wherever you keep your garbage bags)
  11. Look at you zoom around the room. Now go find the vacuum. (Wherever you keep your vacuum)
  12. When I smell it, I’m not a fan. This next clue is in a can. (Garbage can)
  13. Look at you struggle and toil, like I do with light tin foil. (Wherever you keep your tin foil)
  14. Let’s relax and rest our feet. But first come help me I’m stuck in a seat. (Couch or recliner)
  15. Look at you go nice and groovy, here I keep the Lego movie. (Near a TV)
  16. Open the door and start your engine. The next clue I will not mention. (Garage)
  17. Don’t give up you’ve been looking long; in this drawer, there are some prongs. (Utinsel drawer)
  18. I’m hanging out inside a bowl. Look ma, my legs have holes! (Near a toilet or with your dinner bowls/plates)
legoland surprise
Yield: 18 Scavenger hunt clues

Lego Scavenger Hunt Printable

These Mother's Day coloring pages are perfect for grandma. They're more along the lines of adult coloring pages but my child liked them too!


  • Lego Scavenger Hunt printable (form in post)


  • Cardstock
  • Printer paper
  • (Optional) Minifigs


  1. Download the file in the form
  2. Open the file and print at home or send to a printer!

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With each clue, I put a little minifig with each clue! I got my minifigs from Temu for basically pennies. In fact, Temu is my favorite place to get my Lego supplies.

This free Lego scavenger hunt printable with 18 clues and a blank page of 6 is going to have all your lego fans giggling and having fun.

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