Newborn Visitor Instructions Printable

When a newborn is going to join your family, there are a lot of unknowns. I always knew this, but only since having been pregnant, really felt this. Finding out we were due to have a baby in the dead of winter got me even more anxious about my baby meeting new people than I originally thought.

Taking back control

Pregnancy in general has felt like a very out of control process for me. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done, but my tendency to avoid unknowns has been tested. One thing I have decided I can control is the people that come into my home and the rules for keeping my newborn safe through the winter.

This baby is already so loved. I can’t wait for him to meet everyone who is so excited for him to join the world. Unfortunately though, it is RSV season, which means I needed to set some limits. This is our first baby and we have literally no idea what we are getting into. I asked around for advice to calm an anxious new mommy’s nerves. This is a list I put together of “rules” for coming to meet our newborn.

Let your visitors coming to visit your newborn know exactly what you'd like with this free printable. This is so good for helping new parents feel a little less anxious, especially during cold and flu season

The printable

This took me a shockingly long time to put together. I didn’t want to feel like I was coming off as crazy. I also didn’t want to have to repeat myself with every new visitor. So, I decided a simple set of rules on the door was the best solution.

Get the newest version of the newborn visitor instructions printable here.

Get the previous version of this printable here.

Make sure your visitors coming to see your newborn know your needs. It is so important for the parents to feel like they have thier needs and wishes known.

As you can see in one of these pictures I also had a few things by the door to give people a signal of what I hoped they would do. I had hand sanitizer as well some face masks. My mom also found this awesome soap dispenser that is more sanitary than a normal soap dispenser.

I’m sure people have other things they’d add to this list or perhaps even remove some things they don’t find as anxiety provoking as I do. This is something I’ve been learning through pregnancy; every mom has her own fears! Hopefully a few of you can relate and maybe some new moms can find this useful, or at least make you think of some of your own rules you’d like to set.

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