Snarky Cricut Bookmarks Tutorial

Want make some Cricut Bookmarks? I have some funny, snarky cut files for you to make with any Cricut you want! Keep them yourself or give them to yourself!

The Cricut Design Space is really simple to use for creating custom projects. I had a fun time with my family coming up with these snarky DIY Cricut bookmarks. It was easy and we are still laughing at how funny we are. (No really; we think we are hilarious.)

If you haven’t seen my first post about my first impressions of the Cricut make sure to start there!

You can customize anything you'd eve want with Cricut Design space! See how here!

What I used to create my DIY Bookmarks

To start creating your first project, go to

I simply grabbed a rectangle shape and set the shape to 1.5″ x 6″. Then I grabbed a text box and created some text to fit on the bookmark!

To create the text as a cut in the rectangle, you’ll select both layers and then click ‘Attach’ at the top.

Check out these snarky bookmarks that are so simple to create with a Cricut!

I did this with a few fun sayings with my family. We had so much fun coming up with stuff to put on the bookmarks. I think I have cut a set of these with my Cricut once a day since I created the file because there is always someone who wants a set! You can get the full set of Cricut bookmarks I created here.

These snarky bookmarks are so easy to create with your Cricut.

The Cricut is so simple to use to create basic cuts like this. I don’t know how I lived without it.

I finished these off by laminating them so they would last a little longer! (You need a laminator in your life!!)

These snarky bookmarks are so easy to create with your Cricut.

Are you snarky? I made these Iron-On files for snarky t-shirts! I also have a lot of other DIY bookmarks if you want to be inspired in another way!

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