Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub Recipe and Label

I am a gift giver by nature and really love being a gift fairy to my neighbors around the holidays. I wanted to give them something this year that I would also use. All year now I have been using this sugar scrub recipe for everything. Especially being pregnant, it has been so nice to rub on my belly, clean my face, and make my hands soft. Like I said, everything. 

I decided it would be a simple gift that perhaps my neighbors could also use.

Sugar scrub recipe with a free sticker printable! Awesome gift idea

I bought these little containers from Amazon and I feel like they were made for this exact purpose. They are that perfect.

The Sugar Scrub Recipe

1 cup White Sugar

1/2 cup Coconut Oil

1/4 cup Honey

5-8 drops of your favorite essential oil (I used lemon)

Simply mix all of these ingredients together. That’s it! This will expire approximately 3 months after you’ve created it.

As you can see in these photos I did a little more to make these jars match my Christmas (do you pick a Christmas color theme or am I crazy?). I just spray painted the lids with matte black spray paint and then used this paint pen to draw a border around the label.

Sugar scrub recipe with a free sticker printable! Awesome gift idea

Free Sticker Printable

Of course you want to tell your neighbors what the heck you’re gifting them so I thought I’d include a way to let them know what it is and what’s in it. I used these labels and I’ve created the printable below for you so if you’re using the labels I used, just print them out!

Sticker Label Printable

Sugar scrub gift idea with a free sticker printable

I wrapped these in the boxes in this Agate Gift topper post and they came together nicely! Do you guys love giving simple little gifts to your neighbors too?

You need this sugar scrub in your life. Plus there is a free label printable included!

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  1. I made the amazing sugar scrub for teacher appreciation week! They all loved it!! Thanks for your amazing/ inspiring posts! Love reading them!

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