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Did you know you can create your own cabinet pulls using just a wooden dowel? Such a simple way to make any cabinet custom!

DIY Wood Stained Cabinet Pulls

I was planning on just doing my normal spraypaint to make over cabinet pulls for this big dresser upcycle I did. It hit me after I sprayed them that the cabinet didn’t have the full impact of being ‘made over’. I knew it needed new pulls. I use the same pulls on everything, though! (Once …

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Make a DIY mousepad with your Cricut! All you need is some faux leather and clay!

DIY Clay and Leather Mousepad with the Cricut

I wanted to show you the versatility of Cricut by cutting something a little unconventional. Most people think of cutting paper (which is also super fun! See how here) with their Cricut! I cut faux leather and it turned out pretty dang cool! I also used it to create a stencil for clay. You can really …

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