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This is a super simple DIY TV tray.

DIY TV Tray with Plywood

I’m so stoked to be sharing this DIY with you today because I did it as a part of a challenge! This was my first challenge ever and I had so much fun. My family has a beautiful dining area, but it’s currently a craft area right now. Also let’s be honest, we’ve never eaten …

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Your cat will love this little window seat! What kitty wouldn't love a daybed? And it's only $5!

$5 DIY Cat Day Bed

Ok, call me the crazy cat lady. I get it! But this is genuinely something we needed around the house! I saw these $5 tray tables at Walmart and knew it would be perfect. We are always pulling chairs up to the window for our cats to look outside and sometimes us humans also need …

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These DIY fridge magnets are the perfect little gift for any mother in your life.

DIY Fridge Magnets for Mother’s Day

I don’t want to perpetuate the assumption that Mom is always in the kitchen, but I think if she¬†happens to be in the kitchen, she might as well have a nice reminder of how much we love her! A fridge magnet is something every home needs. I thought it could be something my Mom would …

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