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Hamilton Quote Free Printable and Desktop Wallpaper

Free Printable Hamilton Quote (and Desktop Wallpaper)

This year has been a roller coaster. I’m not sure you care for the details, but it’s been a year of self reflection and learning. As the year has been winding down and I was waiting on my first child to arrive (with zero control of the situation) there is one specific quote that keeps coming to mind. I thought putting together a free printable of said quote might help a few out as well.

Have you heard Hamilton? Of course you have; who hasn’t! (If you haven’t, please stop reading this and listen to this song here immediately.) The song ‘Wait for It’ has actually helped me a lot this entire year. When I felt defeated the phrase ‘I am the one thing in life I can control’ really helped me, and if we’re being honest, made me cry in frustration because it’s true. 

When we were designing our office I knew I wanted to make it a space that motivated and encouraged me even on days I feel defeated, anxious and out of control. I don’t usually have random phrases and words around my house, but I feel so strongly about this statement that I knew it would be a nice addition.

Hamilton Quote Free Printable and Desktop Wallpaper

This cute frame I found looking for gifts and bought myself one because it’s $10 and also really cute. You can find it here if you’d like one for yourself.

Free Printable

Grab your free printable for a square frame by clicking this image: Hamilton Quote Free Printable and Desktop Wallpaper

Free Desktop Wallpaper

I also realized not everyone has a regular desk so I thought I would add a desktop wallpaper for you too!

Download the free desktop wallpaper by clicking the image below: Hamilton Quote Free Printable and Desktop Wallpaper

Is there a phrase that has helped you this year? I feel like this is the definition of my year and I’m glad I came up with a way to keep it in mind more often. I hope you find it helpful too.

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  1. Adrian says:

    This is wonderful. I got the soundtrack for my birthday in October and have listened to it almost every day since. I got my son a great shirt for Christmas. It says – I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love, but instead of King George it is Darth Vader in royal robes. I thought it was so brilliant and funny!

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