DIY Twin Baby Onesies

These twin baby onesies are the perfect solution for twins no matter the gender! Clothing for babies doesn’t need to be super expensive but can be so cute.

My friend asked me to make a baby shower gift for her friend with twins and we came up with this fun design! I thought it was SO cute I just had to share. 

These twin baby onesies are the perfect solution for twins no matter the gender! Clothing for babies doesn't need to be super expensive but CAN be so cute.

This little project is part of a fun link up I do every month called ‘Inspire My Creativity’. We typically have a theme but this month it was FREE FOR ALL!!  You know me and my love for custom tee shirts so of course that’s what I ended up doing.

What You Need for your twin baby onesies

  • Two onesies
  • Iron on of your preferred color
  • This Cut file
  • EasyPress 2 in 5×5
  • Cricut

First step, open up the cut file and get it cut! I have a step by step tutorial of how to cut iron on and I also have a checklist to not mess up your iron on. It’s safe to say you’re in good hands here. 

baby onesie iron on

After you’ve cut your file, now you will iron it on. First do your large piece that say ‘TWIN’ on it.

The EasyPress 2 makes this super easy with onesies. Plus it heats up in like 1 minute! I honestly think it’s 1 minute.. maybe 1 minute 15 seconds.

twin baby

Slowly peel the plastic away from the iron on. Place the ‘A’ or ‘B’ in it’s location then put your teflon sheet on top. 

twin baby b

teflon sheet cricut

I like to use a teflon sheet and do another 30 seconds on the vinyl after removing the plastic. It makes any loose edges really stick.

finished baby onesies

Then you’re done! How CUTE are these?! I’m obsessed with how they turned out. Do not miss the other projects in this link party. There are always such awesome ideas.

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Join us next month when our theme will be buttons!

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