24 Days with The Little Lamb from Bethlehem

Do you have The Little Lamb from Bethlehem? Use this 24-day countdown to help yourself and your family have a Christ-centered Christmas.

Do you have The Little Lamb from Bethlehem? Use this 24 day countdown to help yourself and your family have a Christ centered Christmas.

When I first received my Little Lamb, I thought it was an Elf on the Shelf of sorts with lots of ideas. The website did have some ideas but I really wanted to make it a learning experience for us and our family.

It was important to me to make Easter and Christmas centered around Christ and his behavior. I have put together a whole 24-day countdown you can do with your family if you have a Little Lamb from Bethlehem.

Little Lamb isn’t all about Christmas!. This would be a great Easter activity!

If you like ALL of the ideas, I have made little printables here for you to put near your Little Lamb. There is a zip file, a PDF and then I attached each photo individually so you can pick and choose if you’d rather do that too.

My suggestion is to just save the zip file, expand it, and then upload all the images to wherever you like to get your photos printed and have them printed there. It cost me about $4 to get all 24 in the 4×6 size. They are formatted for 5×7 but I wanted them a little bit smaller for picture-taking purposes!

24 Little Lamb from Bethlehem Prompts

Here is the text of the full countdown if you want to just use a few ideas.

  1. Do something kind for each person in your house – Jesus Christ did kind things even to those that others did not think deserved it. Today do something kind for everyone in your home. John 9:1–7
  2. Make something for your Mom and Dad – Heavenly Father has told us to honor our parents. Jesus Christ did this as well because he obeyed the commandments perfectly. Ex. 20:12
  3. Go look at Christmas lights – When Christ was born a star shone brightly in the sky to mark His birth. We now light our houses to remember this glorious star! Num. 24:17.
  4. FaceTime a friend or family member who lives far away – When Jesus was resurrected, he went to see his friend Mary first. Let’s reach out to a friend we love today. Mark 16:9
  5. Watch your favorite Christmas movie with a friend – Jesus was a wonderful friend. Let’s remember that he is also our friend as we spend time watching a movie with a friend. John 15:12–15
  6. Read a Christmas book – The Christmas story was told even before Christ was born! Let’s read a Christmas story today. Isaiah 7:14
  7. Listen to Christmas music – “Messiah” is another name for Christ. Today let’s listen to part of the Handel’s Messiah like maybe the Hallelujah Chorus! 2 Ne. 25:19
  8. Perform secret acts of service for family members – Heavenly Father has asked you to serve in the name of Christ! Today that is what we will do. D&C 59:5
  9. Make a Gingerbread house – The Lord said, “Mine house is a house of order”. A house of order is a home where we try to do as Jesus taught. Let’s remember this as we build a gingerbread house. D&C 132:8
  10. Make a homemade gift for a family member – Jesus is our brother! Let’s make something for one of our brothers and sisters on earth to remember Him. Matt. 13:55–56
  11. Paint a rock – Christ is often referred to as the rock of our salvation. Today we will paint rocks and remember our foundation in Him. Deut. 32:4.
  12. Visit the Temple – Christ often visited the temple. Let’s follow his example and go see the temple today. Luke 2:22–38
  13. Make a tree decoration – Christ helped the creation of the earth. Let’s create something together today to remember how beautiful our world is that he created for us. John 1:3
  14. Show kindness through your words – Christ was mocked and spoke very rudely to. Let’s treat everyone how we would like to be treated today. Luke 22:63.
  15. Create a countdown to Christmas chain – We knew Jesus was going to come as our Savior. Like a countdown, it was foretold. Today we will make a countdown to Christmas. Luke 1:26–38
  16. Make your neighbors a treat – Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Let’s make a treat for our neighbor today. Matthew 22:37, 39
  17. Forgive someone who needs forgiveness. – Jesus Christ has asked us to forgive those who have wronged us and be merciful. Let’s think of someone we need to be forgiven today. Matt 6:14-15
  18. Write a thank you note to a teacher – Jesus Christ was the ultimate teacher. He taught us how we should live our lives. Let’s think of Him today as we thank a teacher in our lives. Luke 15:3–6
  19. Donate something of value to a donation center. – Jesus taught us to ‘lay up our treasures’ and not have our hearts set on ’treasures of the earth’. Let’s bring something of value in to donate today. Matt 6:20-21
  20. Go pick some flowers – Christ asked us to consider the Lillies. Think of what that means as you go gather some flowers today. Matt 6:28
  21. Do something kind for someone with a new baby. – When Jesus was born, an innkeeper allowed them to stay in his barn even though his rooms were all full. Let’s do something nice for someone with a new child today. Luke 2:7
  22. Watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional – Speaking to his prophets, the Lord said: “He that receiveth you receiveth me. …” Let’s listen to the First Presidency devotional and listen to what the lord would like us to receive. Matt. 10:40
  23. Give a gift to someone you love. – God loved us so he sent us the greatest gift, his son. Let’s remember that as we gift something to some we also love. John 3:16
  24. Eat a piece of toast – Christ is the bread of life. Today let’s eat some bread and think about what that means. John 6:35

Little Lamb Book

The Lamb comes with a book and unfortunately, you can’t buy just the book but who doesn’t love a darling stuffed animal?! Purchase the Little Lamb book here with your stuffy.

Do you have The Little Lamb from Bethlehem? Use this 24 day countdown to help yourself and your family have a Christ centered Christmas.
Do you have The Little Lamb from Bethlehem? Use this 24 day countdown to help yourself and your family have a Christ centered Christmas.

Little Lamb From Bethlehem Printables

Grab this free printable gift for coworkers, friends, or neighbors that says 'Have an ice and cozy holiday season'!


  • Cardstock or thick paper


  • Color printer (This is optional. I have the option for it to be in black and white too!)
  • Scissors or paper cutter


  1. Open the file sent to your email after filling out the form
  2. Print the images using your printer.


You also have the option to just open up this file and shoot the prints to a local printer to print them on photo paper. These are formatted by 5x7 but work great on the 4x6 as well.

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