Secret Elf Message Free Printable For Kid’s Eyes Only

Have your elf leave a little secret elf message for the kid’s eyes only! I’ve got this free printable ready to go or you can use the editable template to make it say whatever you want your elf to say to your kiddos!

This fun little secret elf message is a silly  way to have your elf leave your child a little note for children's eyes only!

I saw this cute idea in some of the Facebook groups I’m in and decided to write up a little option for you for free and a template option to edit your very own in Canva!

The letter reads:

“SHHH! Don’t read this message out loud!

This letter is written in special ink that only kids can see.

I sprinkled your mom and dad with magic so when you ask to make cookies tonight they will say “That sounds like a great idea!”

It will only work for tonight!

Give it a try!”

My son got a kick out of this. He also convinced his grandma to participate two so he got to make cookies TWICE in one day.

Elf Letter Printable

Fill out the form below and you will receive an email with the letter pictured here as well as a template link to edit on Canva if you’d like to do that as well.

Secret Message from Santa

My friend over at Over the Big Moon created this cute little secret message from Santa that your kids can decode. Another simple and fun free elf printable!

secret letter from elf for kids eyes only

Some other ideas that your elf could tell your kids to ask their mom and dad for one night only

  • Ice cream for dinner
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Make gingerbread houses
  • Open one present under the tree

Free Editable Elf on the Shelf Letters

If you’re interested in a custom letter from the elf I also have some editable elf-on-the-shelf letter templates here!

secret elf on the shelf message letter

Free Secret Elf Message Printable

Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

This fun little secret elf message is a silly way to have your elf leave your child a little note for children's eyes only!


  • Copy paper or cardstock
  • Canva templates (form in post!)


  • Printer


  1. Open the Template: Fill out the form above with your email and you will receive an email with a link to the Canva template.
  2. Access Canva: Create a free Canva account or log in to your existing account.
  3. Customize the Text: Click on the text elements in the template to edit them. You can change the text, font style, size, color, and alignment. Canva provides a text toolbar at the top of the editor for easy customization.
  4. Edit Images: These templates include images, and you can replace or edit them. Click on the image you want to change, and then use the "Uploads" tab on the left to upload your own images or choose from Canva's extensive library.
  5. Adjust Colors and Background: Customize the colors and background by clicking on the respective elements. Canva allows you to change colors, apply gradients, or add new background images.
  6. Add Elements: If you want to add additional elements like shapes, icons, or illustrations, use the "Elements" tab on the left. Drag and drop the desired elements onto your template and adjust their size and position.
  7. Modify Layout: Adjust the layout by clicking on the template's existing elements and dragging them to different positions. You can also resize elements as needed.
  8. Save Your Work: Once you're satisfied with your edits, click the "Download" button to save your customized template to your computer. Canva also automatically saves your work in the cloud, so you can access it later.
  9. Share or Print: Depending on your needs, you can either share your design directly from Canva or download it for printing or use in other applications.

Free Elf on the Shelf Printable Ideas

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