‘Papa’ Matching T Shirts DIY

Make matching t shirts for your favorite ‘Papa’ and your little one! Perfect gift for birthdays, Father’s Day or stocking stuffers.

My son’s favorite human is my dad. It is the sweetest little duo and I knew I needed to make them match at least once in their lives! I also thought it would be a fun gift to give him for Father’s Day but this would be perfect for any time you want to give a gift!

The sizing I have for this file is for a X Large t shirt and a 2t t shirt. Design Space makes it super easy to make these files smaller or larger though so if you need to make some alterations then don’t forget to do that!

Make matching t shirts for your favorite 'Papa' and your little one! Perfect gift for birthdays, Father's Day or stocking stuffers.

What I Used to make my ‘Papa’ Matching T Shirts

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Make sure your t shirts are prewashed! If they’re brand new throw them in the laundry.

Open up the Design Space project here.

Start by cutting your vinyl. Don’t forget to mirror for iron on! i’ve made this checklist so you never mess up your iron on ever again so if you need a little extra help, see here!

laying foil iron on down

Weed your pieces and grab your prewashed t shirt!

weeded iron on

Now you will start ironing on. Using your EasyPress makes this whole process so simple! I have found putting a little weight on the EasyPress helps a lot too.

cricut easypress

Peel away the plastic once cool and you are all done!

peeling off iron on

I always suggest putting a press cloth on top of the finished vinyl and finishing it off that way so you know it’s on really well.


I love seeing my dad and son wear these shirts together! The little duo is even cuter when they match.


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