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The Office is an awesome themed party idea because it's so inexpensive but so funny! See these memes for food ideas.

The Office Themed Birthday Party

My brother and sister are twins and had a monumental birthday this year. We had to go all out for them! My sister in law suggested we do an Office themed birthday party. Every Millenial needs an Office Themed birthday party and I am here to help you out! 

Let me give you a little back story. I watch a lot of The Office. Not like ‘Oh I’ve seen every episode’. More along the lines of ‘I’ve seen every episode on repeat for about 6 years’. No really. It’s my go-to show anytime I’m doing ANYTHING (like trying to fall asleep). I guess you could say I’ve been preparing most of my adult life to throw this particular party. I tell you this back story so you understand that some of these references may be a little ‘inside’ but I promise if you have a friend who loves The Office, they will totally get it!

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The food is always the first thing I think about when throwing a party and when I thought about what the Office talks about in terms of food it was kind of a weird assortment of things. I feel like it was part of the fun. I have created memes for you to print out and put by each dish so you don’t have to keep explaining to people why the heck you’re serving them gold fish and meatballs! I thought it would be fun to create little clipboards that stood up to show the meme. Everything I printed was on 8.5×11” paper because it is about a paper company after all! I made them stand up using these DIY Clipboard Placeholders.

Grab some crape paper and brown and gray balloons for decor. This is essential. I made sure to put everything up with masking tape so people could see it!

We created this It is Your Birthday Banner for you to use at your party too! Just print it off using 8.5×11” paper and tape it together. It was probably everyone’s favorite feature.

I made these ‘Fun Run’ race T-Shirts for the party guests and they literally cost me $3 each when the t-shirts at Michaels were on sale!

The last thing I did for decor was print a bunch of memes out that I just found on the internet. I taped them up all around the house using masking tape. It was a last minute idea but I’m really glad I did it because we were working with two spaces and for people who hadn’t seen the office (my dad) it gave them an idea of what the heck was going on.

I had so much fun planning and throwing this birthday party. If even one person uses these free printables I made I’ll be happy and feel like I didn’t go all out here for one little party!

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