6 Free Schitt’s Creek PNGs

For a lot of these tutorials, I used the schitts creek pngs for Cricut projects but you can use these for graphics too!

This post is part of my Schitt’s Creek party series so make sure you don’t miss my Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine labels! Also, I love all parties, so make sure you check those out too.

All of this Schitt’s Creek merchandise will be created using your Cricut. You can use any machine (Joy, Explore Air 2, or Maker). If there is an additional element to the DIY, which will mostly be downloading fonts, I’ve included those as well.

The materials you use are also all up to you! I have a mix of Infusible Ink as well as Everyday Iron on. You could also just make these as bumper stickers or window clings. Even sticker paper. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life.

If you have never used Iron on I have a full Iron on the tutorial here. If you have never done Infusible Ink I have a tutorial for that here. Wow, I really set you up for success, don’t I?

Rose Apothecary Tee

Here is a Rose Apothecary cut file to create your own Rose Apothecary merch using Cricut if you’d like.

rose apothecary tee


This was something a friend of mine asked her to make because she wanted to be Alexis for Halloween. I loved it so much that I made it myself. Get the file by filling out the form in this post!

schitts creek merchandise

Body Milk Stickers

This DIY is a little bit different because it involves sticker paper. I created its own post for you because it is just a tad bit more involved: Rose Apothecary Body Milk Stickers.

rose apothecary body milk

Schitt’s Creek Motel Coasters

These super funny coasters are really simple. I put exactly how I made them in my Schitt’s Creek party post.

rosebud motel coasters

Jazzagals File

I used this file to do Infusible Ink on a tote bag. I did two different colors so the two parts are separate. If you’d like them to be the same thing just make click ‘attach’: Jazzagals Logo.

Nonchalance Sweater

This is a pretty simple DIY. Use this cut file or png to put it on whatever you want to use it on!

nonchalance sweater

Bébé Onesie

Once again, this is in my store BUT you can always make it yourself too. That is the point of this blog after all. 

bebe onesie

Herb Ertlinger Wine

Want to “make” your own wine? I have the free cut file and a tutorial on how I remove the existing label and place this new one. I even included Moira’s whole dialogue.

herb ertlinger fruit wine

Ew David Tee Shirt

This is obviously a necessity if we are talking Schitt’s Creek png! 

ew david shirt
free schitts creek pngs
Schitt's creek pngs

Free Schitt's Creek PNGs

For a lot of these tutorials, I used the schitts creek pngs for Cricut projects but you can use these for graphics too!


  • Whatever materials you'd like! You can use iron on on a shirt or you can make graphics with them on your computer.


  • Computer


  1. Fill out the form in the post
  2. Save the PNG zipped file to your computer
  3. Double click the file and open the zipped file
  4. Use the PNGs however you'd like! If you'd like to upload them to design space I have a video below to show you how.

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