Video Game Themed Party

Throw your favorite video game themed party they will get so excited about! DIY tutorials, free cut files and lots of ideas for your Gamers Paradise party.

My husband recently turned 30 and with such a huge milestone birthday comes a huge birthday PARTY! He has always loved gaming and I’ve always loved gaming with him.

Whether your gamer plays using a PC, Xbox or Playstation these video game themed party ideas will work for it all.

Throw your favorite gamer a party they will get so excited about! DIY tutorials, free cut files and lots of ideas for your Gamers Paradise party.

Video Game Themed Party Ideas

The first thing I did was make the invites. I used these two fonts to make them as well as a lot of the other things you will see here. You can download one font here and here.

Every good party has party favors. Even if it’s for adult men playing video games!! I made custom stickers (tutorial on how to do that here) and put in either a Mountain Dew or some Doritos.

gamer party favors

For the food I created these placeholders for each item. By ‘Sugar Rush’ I had some of four favorite candies. ‘Gamer Gasoline’ was a little drink station. We don’t drink but some of my husband’s close friends do so it was fun to be able to put syrups in our sodas or have them make mixed drinks if they’d like. ‘Greasy Gaming’ is where we put the pizza!

I also made some banners that hung around for a subtle way to decorate. You can see the DIY of those banners here.

Use my cut files or just use the DIY cloth banner pattern I’ve created for you to make it say what you’d like for your next party!

I used some of those custom stickers to also put on cups however that was the only customized table wear I had. For that reason I decided to customize a few napkins as well using a fun gold foiling technique. You can find that tutorial here.

Gold foiled napkins with any custom message with this super simple tutorial for the fanciest or most casual occasion.

Because it was his 30th birthday I also made this ‘Level 30’ idea a theme and put it on a T shirt for him! That cut file you can find here. I also used that same cut file to make a cake topper for him which was fun.

Make your 30 year old feel like the officially leveled up with this level 30 t shirt DIY idea and simple tutorial for even beginners.

This whole party ended up being so fun. We were doing something he really wanted to be doing, his friends were excited to play with him, and I still got to throw a fun party and DIY a bunch of it!

gamer party favors