Random Acts of Kindness Day Ideas

Everyday is a good day to do some random acts of kindness but did you know February 17th is the official day to celebrate?

DIY Sugar Scrub

The first project I put together is this DIY Sugar Scrub. I also created this cute little sticker to put on the jar. To see the full recipe and all the materials I used be sure to go check out this sugar scrub post.

sugar scrub diy

Encouraging Custom Pins

This next project was a first for me but was SO simple and turned out so cute. I made these pins with encouraging little saying on them. You could leave them at a front desk of your choice or maybe even with the secretary of your child’s school. The cut file and details of how to assemble these are at this post all about custom pin buttons.

encouraging pins diy

DIY Bath Salts

Another DIY I love making and gifting is this really easy recipe for diy bath salts.

I designed a sassy cut file to go with it too because I can’t write a post with NO sass that would just be weird.

diy bath salts

Service Scavenger Hunt

I have this fun service scavenger hunt I put together that can be used how I have posted in this post here OR you can just print it and use it as a normal every day scavenger hunt. The idea with these is that not only do you do an act of service, you leave little notes and ‘spread kindness’ to those around you too. 

free printable service scavenger hunt

Write a Nice Note

You can’t go wrong with a heartfelt note. Click on this link here to print of this free printable to write up 10 things you love about someone. Maybe you want to leave it on their pillow or in their windshield to spread a little love.

10 things i like about you free printable

Positive Affirmation Stickers

I designed these little stickers to go anywhere you want to spread some happiness. I orginally thought to put them on a mirror of someone you love. Using removable vinyl means if you don’t want to commit to one you can switch it out! After I saw them I thought, I want to put one of these on my car! And you can do that too. For other styling ideas and how to make these stickers with positive affirmations for women.

positive affirmation stickers

Kind Note Cards

This idea stemmed from something I thought would be fun to receive. I made little random acts of kindness cards for you to leave around. Maybe you want to put them in a strangers windshield. You could leave one in a public restroom stall. Maybe you want to put it in your neighbors mail box. Whatever you decide to do I think they will love it. Go see how I created these random acts of kindness cards here!

random acts of kindness cards

Pin the image below to save all of these ideas next time you’re looking to do a random act of kindness!

Everyday is a good day to do some random acts of kindness but did you know February 17th is the official day to celebrate?

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