This DIY resin tray is such a pretty way to keep your jewelry or other trinkets.

DIY Resin Tray with Pressed Eucalyptus 

Have you ever used resin? I brainstormed and researched to come up with something I could make out of resin. I already made coasters (I loved this so much I might make coasters too because you can’t have too many coasters). Then it came to me that I always need a little catch all tray. So, I put together a little resin tray. Read more

You can organize your whole bathroom for $3 at the dollar store! You can't use expense as an excuse anymore!

Simple Drawer Organization with the Dollar Store

It’s spring cleaning time! I have been missing all of my nesting urges to get things organized. I recently got new makeup (you can watch this video here to see exactly how much I love my new makeup) and this meant significantly reducing everything in my bathroom drawers. We got a $10 gift card to the dollar store for Christmas and thought I’d go poke around the store to see if they had some baskets I could use in my drawers to keep organized a little better. Let me tell you what I learned; $10 at the dollar store is a shopping spree! Read more

This is such a simple DIY choker and you'll have materials to make gifts for each of your girlfriends too!

DIY Suede and Rose Gold Choker

I have really been digging the choker trend lately! Although you can find some pretty inexpensive ones out there, it is much more fun to make your own. This tutorial will show you how I made my leather and rose gold choker.  Read more

This water marbled phone case is so easy but so cute!

DIY Water Marbled Phone Case

I am in love with switching out my phone cases. It’s almost like getting a new phone! I’ve wanted to try water marbleizing for a while and thought I’d try it out with a phone case. I’m stoked with how it turned out!  Read more

It's so important to keep your yoga mat clean. Turns out it's super easy too!

DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

I am a huge fan of yoga. I’ve recently fallen in love with hot yoga. Hot yoga is awesome, but also leaves you and your mat pretty smelly and gross. I needed a way to clean my mat so came up with this yoga mat cleaner that will disinfect your mat and keep it smelling fresh.  Read more