You can hack these IKEA lampshades into planters and the look is so cool!

IKEA Lampshade Hack

I saw this lampshade at IKEA for less than $10 and bought it without thinking! When i got it home I thought, “hey that would make a pretty cool planter!” So that’s what I decided to do. Read more

Lava Rock Bookends

I was born and raised in Southern Utah where we have red rock and lava rock right outside our door.Living in such a beautiful place always makes me want to bring the landscape in with me!  I thought it would be fun to put together a quick DIY with things you could find for free outside. It doesn’t get much more ‘budget friendly’ than rock collecting.

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Cleaning Your Concrete Patio | Cement Stain Prep

We came home from a weekend trip to my favorite wood stain upside down on our back porch and I wanted to cry twice. Once because I had so many ideas for that stain, second because I thought my porch would never be the same! Well, that is not so. It looks even better than it did before this debacle! Cleaning your concrete patio isn’t as hard as it may seem and is so important if you’re hoping to stain it in the future!

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