This DIY yoga bolster is a must if you're a true yogi!

DIY Yoga Bolster

This was such a fun project! I’m so excited to share it with you. Do you do yoga? Well if you don’t, you should start now. Yoga bolsters are used to add extra support and cushion in certain poses. If you’re pregnant, prenatal yoga utilizes the bolster a ton. Sometimes when you go to a studio, the bolsters are pretty well loved, or you don’t know exactly who has used them. It’s so easy to make your own and you know exactly who has used it!

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Whip up this easy DIY deep conditioner recipe to make your hair super soft and moisturized!

DIY Rosemary Deep Conditioner 

Every time I wash my hair I think “I really need a good deep conditioner” and I never do anything about it. I decided to figure out a good recipe for deep conditioner I could make at home. I have very long hair and live in the desert so I knew I’d be going through a lot of product!

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Have you tried serums? I'm sold!

Serums; Why You Should Try Them

Have you heard of serums? I thought they were just another fad and didn’t really pay much attention. But I have been trying these out for a little while, and also did some reading and I’m sold. I thought you had to spend a lot of money to get a nice serum; this is not the case. Read more

February 2017: Saturday Stuff

I have realized I never talk about myself! My posts are tips or tutorials and that’s about it. Sure, occasionally I’ll mention a little something about myself here and there, but I think it’s important for me to share some things about me so you can all feel comfortable sharing some things with me about you! Read more