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2017 Women’s Conference

I put together a little summary of each talk from the Semi Annual Women’s Conference for you! I am feeling so grateful for modern day revelation. Heavenly Father knows his daughters and is aware of their needs and concerns. I hope if you missed it you keep an eye out for it to hit your LDS Library so you can read, watch or listen to these amazing messages.

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  1. Yvonne Nickels says:

    It sounded to me like the speaker, Joy Day, was saying it, “never worth … less.” with a distinct pause, which is a super significant distinction. Hope if you agree, you can easily fix the pretty message.

    • Anna says:

      Really good point Yvonne! I thought she was emphasizing the “less” in “worthless” but you might be right! Typically I grab the text from the transcript but since I don’t have that quite yet I can’t be 100% sure. I’ll keep an eye out for it!! šŸ’•

      • Yvonne Nickels says:

        I was looking her up and found her name to be Joy Diane Harmon Jones!? Today heard a rumor that one of her adult sons died very recently and the funeral was held the day before conference. Searched without finding facts.

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