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IKEA Coasters to Planter

For some reason I have a hard time just walking by coasters on sale. I always have a drink somewhere nearby so coasters need to be within reach. These were kind of ugly and I didn’t love the color but for $1 for 6 I knew I couldn’t pass them up.

Because there were 6 I immediately thought, Hey I could make a cube! So that’s what I decided to do! This pink chalk paint is one of my very favorites right now. I love the ultra matte finish of chalk paint. It took me way too long to get on that band wagon!

I found some square coasters (6 for $1!) and turned them into a really cute planter. I also decided to add a little acrylic paint detail thanks to a little craft night I had with #plaidcrafts.

What you need for your IKEA coaster to planter hack
  • Square coasters
  • Chalk spray paint
  • Glue gun
  • Acrylic paint for detailing (option)
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You will start by gluing your coasters into a cube. I tried to make sure the glue was on the inside of the cube but if it seeps out you will be painting it so it really won’t matter too much.

Once your cube is formed you will paint it your desired color with spray paint! Once it dries you can start adding a little detailing. I took a fun class with Plaid Crafts that taught me how to paint cacti so I decided to do that. It seems a little weird to draw a plant on a planter… but I went with it.

Once you have finished the detailing, you’re done! I just put the boring old planter right in the new one I made for drainage reasons. Mostly it’s just for looks and not so much function!

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